Frequently Asked Questions

My device can send email messages. Why would I choose the SensorNet at an additional cost?

The SensorNet offers a multitude of ways in which you can visualise your data and existing, as well as custom software modules can process this data in many different ways.

Email messages do offer a cost saving but unfortunately the cons outweigh the pro. Each received image need to be opened and viewed from an individual email message making general visibility and access a pain. Especially when you are the owner of multiple devices.

There is also no intelligence that can be derived from, or added to the data received via email. Most that can be done is to view your image within an email client/program.

I have a CCTV system that does 24/7 video monitoring. Why would I subscribe to the receipt of imagery?

We would like to pose a couple of questions ourselves:

  • When last did you sit down to look at 24 hours worth of video?
  • How often do you connect to these types of systems over our local networks?

Consider the SensorNet as supporting system to current CCTV installations: 

  • Interval based imagery, capable of being transmitted over the slowest of networks, provides a surprising amount of visibility.
  • Received imagery can be channelled within the SensorNet to have software modules perform literally any function on it. 

Key SensorNet Features

The SensorNet, by design, supports receipt of data from any possible sensing network that has the ability to transmit data to a custom defined remote end point. Even devices that only allow the sending of email messages can be setup to transmit data to the system from where the various modules can perform the required actions on it.

In terms of imagery, the following features can be noted:

  • A single click on the respective camera within the system displays all images received to date. Alternatively a grid with all cameras can be displayed to show the last received image for all registered devices. Cameras within the system can also be setup to be displayed on a digital map to allow rapid access associated data.
  • Received imagery can be setup to enter any one of hundreds of different system processes. This is the critical and single most important concept to understand when comparing the value of the SensorNet subscription to functionality offered by other devices – for example email messages from trail cameras.
  • Received imagery can be setup to be transmitted to hundreds of different channels including for example your own website. This could for then be used to showcase to your customer, what ever the camera is setup to monitor right next to your own brand.
  • Images can be analysed by the system to detect specific objects, colours and more. This could then immediately notify the user of such occurrence.