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Qubi Systems is a software development company and our development services range from the development of websites to large distributed systems and everything in between. Come see us to discuss your requirements and allow us the opportunity to define and develop the most efficient solution.

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Remote project management with the QUBIcam


The QUBIcam is a remote monitoring camera that allows its owner to monitor projects, areas, assets and other events from anywhere in the world. Every aspect of the camera and associated software can be customised and makes this device invaluable in terms of managing what is important to you.

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Trail Cameras

The trail camera is being used in many applications where motion triggered image capture is a requirement. We have been successfully integrating with these cameras for years and can turn your existing network of trail cameras into a truly effective remote monitoring solution. 

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Internet of Things

See it. Understand it. Manage it.

What is the SensorNet

The SensorNet is an online subscription service (SAAS Solution) that provides access to remote sensing networks. It allows the subscriber to login from any device with internet connectivity and see exactly what the respective sensor is configured to monitor.

The SensorNet also offers owners of different existing commercial devices or systems the opportunity to connect to the SensorNet. Popular devices in terms of visual monitoring include: 

  • Trial Cameras
  • Mobile DVR Systems

Locally manufactured monitoring camera.


The QUBIcam is a remote monitoring camera, designed and manufactured by Qubi Systems . The camera is triggered on set intervals at which point it will capture an image of up to 8 Mega Pixels in resolution depending on the network, and then transmit this data to the SensorNet from where it can be viewed and managed.

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