Who we are & what we do

We believe that simplicity is key. The challenging but exciting task is working with you through all the facts and fictions to discover and define what simplicity looks like in the context of your requirements.

What we do then is really quite simple – we create the supporting digital solution.

Qubi Systems also brings you HeyTopic – the source of reference to quality content from reputable organizations.


What we excel at

In summary, problem solving abilities and digital integration skills are what allows us to add real and sustainable value. It is rare for any problem to be brand new and the careful combination of the required existing components as well as custom designed components could address your requirements in a much simpler way than you might be imagining at this point.

Some of our abilities below requires accompanying skills which we offer in partnership with the relevant companies and these types of skills includes for example digital marketing when it comes to projects like E-commerce.


Implementing and enabling communication between all system components.


Extending integration abilities and opportunities to the physical world.

Web Development

From simple brochure sites to E-commerce design and development.

Conversational Interfaces

Delivery of content and interactions across messenger applications. See HeyTopic


Consulting role to provide requirements and specification documents.

Third Party Support

Support and maintenance of existing third party solutions.


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Limpopo, South Africa

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